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Hello  there thank you for visiting my website for those of you that don't know me my name is Karena Loggins. I  am the owner of Southen Elite Pet Sitting. I have been around a pet my whole life i cant remember a time where i didn't own have a pet.



I am a lifelong dog lover and really take pride in providing love and care to pups. I currently have three of my own: a Golden Retriever named Kato, a Mini Schnauzer named Lucy, and a Shih-Tzu named Daisy. We would love to bring your pup into our family while you’re away! I’ve grown up with dogs my whole life and am very comfortable around all kinds of pups. No matter what, your pup will be in good hands!



My number one concern is to make sure that both owners and pups feel completely comfortable, happy, and satisfied with all the aspects of a stay. I love to go the extra mile and make you and your pup as happy as possible! I know no one likes to be away from their best friend for very long, so you can look forward to daily check-ins regarding what we’ve done throughout the day complete with pics and videos. Who doesn’t love getting pics of your pup on new adventures? Likewise, I always spoil the pups I’m sitting, so I’d love to hear what activities your pooch enjoys, what their favorite toys are, or where they like to spend their time.


Your pup and I will be spending almost all of our time together. It’s very important to me to make sure that pups get out and about as much as possible. I hate being cooped up at home as well, so we’ll be sure to get out on several walks a day. My own pups always love getting out for some exercise, so we’ll have a great time together on some new adventures!

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Southen Elite Pet Sitting is insured by Pet Sitters Associates and has joined time to pet!